Block Reward

The distribution of 50% Genesis Master Node collateral will be an affiliate reward bonus to interested subscribers who have participated in the affiliate Master Node program. This will form the basis to determine equity right of the genesis Master Node wallet. This genesis Master Node wallet will pay out for 100 years. This will also be the control mechanism for BMCT Circulations tokens. The ROI earned from the genesis master node will be the only means by which new BMCT is created. Holders of the genesis Master Node equity will enjoy faster and consistent ROI of BMCT. BMCT Master Node wallets are 104 that hold the 100% pre-mined 10 million BMCTs. The 10 million pre-mind BMCT forms the foundation and collateral of BMCT blockchain. Ownership of BMCT Master Node equity right is determined by the number of BMCT earned during the master node reward program.

You need to have 100 coins minimum in your wallet and leave it running, this wallet is a "node" in the network, The BMCT network is created by a lot of this nodes scattered around the world, anywhere where people download and start staking their coins, That is why it is Decentralized and free from middle men, as the users are the real power behind the network, so this nodes connect to each other and there is no Central authority or single points of failure like with masternodes or other way of distribution. After leaving your wallet open, later you should start getting your first stakes (coins) and this coins get mature and ready for use after 69 confirmations in the network which you can check in the wallet under the transactions tab.