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Revolutionalizing Consumer Loyalty & Reward Solution into Blockchain.

We have taken the traditional consumer loyalty and reward solution into blockchain technology.


The value exchange speed of BMT creates a global inclusion impact.

When the power of control is on the blockchain, your consumer loyalty rewards are safe, secured and hack proof.

Blockchain provides decentralizing power for BMT and hence the power of control cannot be monopolized.

When the right economic value is presented, Exchange becomes seamless. BMT is value driven.

Reducing BMT circulating supply within a period OF TIME to reward holders of BMT and subscribers of BMT staking program.


To start using BMToken You will need a wallet. A wallet is just like your online bank account; only your entire account is stored securely on your local computer or mobile device. From your wallet you can send and receive BMToken, Manage your address book and review the history of your transaction. BMToken Wallets are found across all platforms.
Step 1 Download Trust Multi Asset Wallet
Step 2 Click on custom Token
Step 3 Select the blockchain Network: Binance Blockchain (Smart chain)
Step 4 Enter BMToken Smart Contract Address: 0x3dbc7ceece740692130bae1a3149be571a7ea04a
Enter Name: BMToken
Symbol BMT
Decimals: 18

What is BMCToken (BMCT Coin)

BMCToken represents a true digital Token on blockchain designed to be adopted through a decentralized medium based on spending power that a consumer spends across Merchants. They get rewards with BMCT which can be exchanged for other services or products offered by merchants. The concept of Blockchain Merchant Consumer Token (BMCT) lies in the exchange of value in the form of goods and services. This concept gives birth to a hybrid master node distribution model to determine the circulating token in the BMCT blockchain. When you think of a loyalty service that is global, decentralized and people driven for mass adoption, BMCToken token is designed to fill this Gap.


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Simple Merchant Simplifying Discount Access Between Customers and Merchants

Simple Merchant contactless Consumer Loyalty solution is a Reloadable Gift card and Discount service between customers and merchants. The service is aimed at retaining and attracting customers to merchants. The Concept is designed to serve our niche market of users who experience POOR network availability using POS.


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with Simple Merchant card
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